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Looking Ahead in 2018...

IKF World Classic

What: International Kickboxing Federation World Classic, a 3-day national amateur Kickboxing & Muay Thai tournament!

When: August 3-5, 2018

Where: Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida

Who: T.B.D.


USMTO West Championships

What: "United States Muay Thai Open", a 3-day national amateur Muay Thai tournament with three different competitive divisions!

When: April 26-29, 2018

Where: Phoenix, Arizona

Who: Ethan Bettencourt, Karlynn Goorebeeck, and Tiana Ross will be competing and representing Team Budo Ryu!


TBA Classic

What: Thai Boxing Association Classic: Muay Thai World Expo, a 3-day national amateur Muay Thai tournament!

When: June 21-24, 2018

Where: Des Moines, Iowa

Who: T.B.D.


Kevin Lewis Knife Seminar

What: 4-hour knife seminar covering knife fighting tactics and knife defense techniques, by Krav Maga Black Belt Kevin Lewis!

When: Sunday, May 6th, 11am-4pm

How Much: $60 for Pre-registered Budo Members, $75 for day-of entries and non-Budo Members

Mother's Day!

What: In honor of Mother's Day, all mothers are welcome to train for free! Come check out a free class, and members, bring in your mothers!

When: all regularly scheduled classes on Sunday, May 13th

6-Week Challenge Orientation

What: New member orientation, physical assessments, goal setting, and meal plan tutorials for 6-week challengers! Please come ready to workout!

When: Saturday, April 28 from noon-1:30pm