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January/February 2018
Looking Ahead in 2018...

IKF World Classic

What: International Kickboxing Federation World Classic, a 3-day national amateur Kickboxing & Muay Thai tournament!

When: August 3-5, 2018

Where: Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida

Who: T.B.D.

HIIT / Yoga

What: 75 minute class where JungleGym SLO meets Recovery Yoga with Jennifer Lovas

When:  Saturday, January 6th & 20th at 10am

Where:  Avila Beach at the base of the Pier

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Monday January 15th: we will be closed in observation of MLK Day. We are open on Sunday the 14th and we will resume regularly scheduled class on Tuesday the 16th!

Looking Ahead in 2018...

USMTO West Championships

What: "United States Muay Thai Open", a 3-day national amateur Muay Thai tournament with three different competitive divisions!

When: April 26-29, 2018

Where: Phoenix, Arizona

Who: Grant Ayres, Mike Grotte, Geri Sandahl, Karlynn Goorebeeck, and Tiana Ross will be competing and representing Team Budo Ryu!

Looking Ahead in 2018...

TBA Classic

What: Thai Boxing Association Classic: Muay Thai World Expo, a 3-day national amateur Muay Thai tournament!

When: June 21-24, 2018

Where: Des Moines, Iowa

Who: T.B.D.

Krav @ LuluLemon

What: Eric Sandahl is teaching a Krav Maga Self-Defense class at LuluLemon in SLO! This is a free class!!

When: Sundaym January 28th at 10am

Where: the Lululemon Monterey Street Store

  840 Monterey Street, Suite B101

Presidents' Day

Monday February 19th: we will be closed. We are open on Sunday the 18th and we will resume regularly scheduled class on Tuesday the 20th!