MightyMouse takes home Silver!

USMTO, May 12-14: Congratulations to Jessica "MightyMouse" Crum on her recent accomplishments at the USMTO West Tournament in Phoenix! MightyMouse won her first fight via TKO in the first round, won a tough second fight by split decision, and battled it out in the USMTO Finals against a tough opponent! MightyMouse lost the last fight, but brought home Silver in the USMTO Novice Division!

Big Mike's WAR!!

USMTO, May 12-14: We are so proud of Mike "Big Mike" Grotte! He didn't get the win, but it. was. a. WAR!! Mike was more technical and out-clenched his opponent but it wasn't quite enough to compensate for his opponents cannonballs that he was slinging. Great fight great heart all around!!!

Grant's Debut

IFS28 July 8